About Xoviam

About us


Xoviam is everything in the Crypto and Blokchain World, follow latest projects in the Metaverse.

We are built for the crypto community, a space to share the influence blockchain, blockchain and crypto enthusiastic people and developers get a dedicated place to share their thoughts and projects to the masses.

Blockchain is innovation, Crypto is just a piece, and everyone deserves that piece

We are an open service to everyone, interested or not interested in crypto and blockchain

We are a global community and our purpose is to build a purposeful free communication service for all parties in the blockchain industry and the globe, we think every person deserves a choice, chose where you work from and together we deliver on our mandate. To do well for the industry and the globe.

This is the right time to get projects on Xoviam, and the right place to get to know so many projects and tutorials about different projects and crypto, we are XOVIAM